Monday, April 26, 2010

OLD IS GOLD - Sazali to continue 'buffing up' for Malaysia

sazali Samad
SAZALI: Wants to win the gold in Guongzhou

KUALA LUMPUR: Old is gold aptly describes six-time Mr Asia champion Sazali Samad who is hoping to lift his seventh Asian title in Teheran on Aug 2-7. Last year, he won the title in Thailand.

At 43 years, Sazali feels he is still capable of withstanding the pressure in training and competitions.
Age is a not a factor and Malaysia has yet to find a "muscleman" that can fill his shoes.

"As long as I can maintain my discipline and eating habits, I think I will be able to represent the country for quite a number of years.

"There are many budding bodybuilders in the country but they lack experience in competitions even on the domestic front. Some go into the sport just to get a beautiful body.

"Bodybuilders who want to be successful must be serious and dedicated. They must not give up easily if they fail to make podium finish," said Sazali, who is married with four children.

He recalled in spurts walking down memory lane and said that he came in 16th when he made his "Mr Universe" debut in I993.

He slowly rose to 6th in 1998 and 1999, in Slovakia, at No 4.
He added the bodybuilding scenario in Malaysiaisveryupbeat .

He i s confident Malaysia will soon find another "Sazali Samad" or "Malek Noor".

Sazali has won the Mr Universe title five times, the last time in 2008 in Jeju in Korea. He would dearly love to win it again in Thailand in November this year.
His career-high was winning the Mr Universe in 2000 in Malacca.

Sazali wants to redeem himself in the Guongzhou Asian Games, as he was second in the 2006 Games. However, body building is not included and he will now stay focus on Mr Asia, Mr Universe, and Oman Beach Games, Muscat 2010. -MMail

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